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Disruption of

If you're looking for a more modern approach to learning, then digital formats are what's up. Learning on demand is the future of education!

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Science meets Practice

Tomorrow's training is going to be more digital and virtual. The classic seminar room isn't the focus of today's training strategy, in other words, what we really need are engaging solutions that make learning fun!

As a spin-off of an innovative research project, it has been our goal for years to improve knowledge and skills transfer using cutting-edge technologies such as cloud computing, VR/AR, artificial intelligence.

To achieve this goal, we create virtual formats that engage learners on very different sensory levels. Whether they are seeking new knowledge or key skill development!

We have a variety of digital and virtual interactive platforms that will help you to create innovative training formats. We also offer the latest research findings and practical experience to our clients so they can be successful in their field!


We make your Company fit for the Digital Future of Learning.

Managed Service


Scalable Training Solutions for Companies across all Sizes.

The cloud-based pricing model eliminates all investment in hardware and software as well as update maintenance costs. Our Software a Service includes support, which means you can have peace of mind knowing that your training app meets the latest security requirements on duty at any given moment!


Fun is just another word for learning.

We are a highly motivated, international team of art and game designers, authors and directors, software developers and scientists with one mission: to develop gamified training worlds for more fun in learning through the latest technologies and the most recent scientific findings.

Art & Game

Game Engineering

Management Straightlabs



founder, management and ideas


Prof. Dr. Peter F.-J. Niermann

Founder & Managing Director

Peter is a visionary entrepreneur and scientist. With his vision to make the future of learning more digital, he founded straightlabs in 2015 - an award-winning education technology lab. As an professor for international management at universities in Germany, Switzerland and the UK, Peter brings expertise both practice-oriented views on leadership and management as well as years spent consulting internationally that shape how we do things differently here at straightlabs: it's not just about what you learn but HOW you're taught too. Together with colleagues, Peter publishes edited works and books on 'Management Decisions', 'Digital Transformation' and 'Extended Reality' at Springer Verlag.


Prof. Dr. Fabrizio Palmas

Chief Technology Officer

Head of Human Resources

Fabrizio, a recognized authority in corporate training, visual arts, and gaming, is a forward-thinking innovator with a wealth of knowledge. Working with the team at straightlabs, Fabrizio spearheads groundbreaking Extended Reality (xR) initiatives. Drawing from his tenure as a university lecturer, notably at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) where he earned his doctorate, Fabrizio's research spans cutting-edge topics such as xR, avant-garde corporate training, gamification strategies, and artificial intelligence (AI). As a co-founder and leader of the Education Cluster at XR Bavaria e.V., Fabrizio is an engaged participant in the Extended Reality sphere. He consistently shares his research insights and expert commentary through respected publications like Springer Publishing, Wolters Kluwer, and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

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