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Virtual skills training in the spirit of the digital transformation.

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Immersion into a Virtual World

In order to meet the growing need for further training in a time of great change, Allianz Versicherungs-AG is turning to scalable virtual training formats from straightlabs on its strategic path to service market leadership.

In addition to the already successfully established digital learning world for declarative knowledge transfer, a gamified competence-oriented virtual reality training for customer communication will now supplement the qualification of the approximately 3,500 employees in the claims department.

In virtual reality training, learners are immersed in a virtual world and experience typical customer reactions in real-life work scenarios. This is a completely new and, above all, different way of emotionalization compared to the previous classic classroom training. 

The interplay of storytelling, gamification and immersive technologies provides a protected space for training customer communication. The playful scenarios can be repeated at will and motivate the employees themselves, free from critical outside eyes.


An interactive Experience in Virtual Reality or Mobile.

With the leading multi-platform technology for mobile devices, desktops and especially for virtual reality, a wide range of learners is addressed. Whether at the workplace or in the home office, virtual reality training can be used anywhere and at any time.

The security and privacy of the data is guaranteed by our certified cloud computing architecture. 



eLearning Award 2021

In January 2021, Allianz Extended Reality Training was awarded the eLearning Award 2021 in the Virtual Reality category. The immersive, practical training situations with its almost photo-realistic characters as well as the high security standards of the cloud architecture convinced the jury.

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