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Mobile First -

Cloud Micro Learning

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Fit for tomorrow's Learning

Learning without limits. No matter when, where and on which device! Embrace a hybrid learning experience: learn new knowledge digitally and playfully!


Agile Learning in the Digital Transformation

Business Gaming is miles beyond just a quiz or learning app! With Business Gaming's fully customizable learning nuggets and case studies alongside podcasts and videos - there are no limits on creativity when designing your own interactions with this platform that doesn't limit what kind of content should go where in order make things more interesting than ever before. With the latest cloud computing technologies, you can use Business Gaming to incorporate innovative interactive training formats for efficient knowledge transfer.



Everything from one source

Business Gaming is built on four cornerstones. The interactive learning App, an easy-to use authoring tool for creating content and a online reporting & analytics system that provides trend analysis. Last but not least the multi client capable roles/right system controls user specific access rights to individual training content ensuring each user has their own personalized experience tailored just right around you're needs! This open platform architecture allows us a seamless and fast connection into any existing IT Systems. 


Clever Mix of Learning and playing

Learning is not always about facts and figures. It's also an opportunity to compete with others, putting your knowledge into practice in order to show off what you know the best! Quizduell offers this type of competition for learners who love showing off their skills but don't want just any game - they're looking forward challenging players around all over their colleagues on everything from A to Z. 

We understand that gamification is not just collecting points or being at the top spot on our leaderboard listings but rather engaging activities such as instant feedback, events and notifications.


Designed for the international Training Market

Business Gaming is available in all languages and you can use it for international training in no time. On request, we can customise the design of the Business Gaming app to match your company's corporate design.

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