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The Power of Public Speaking

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in Virtual Reality


Public speaking is a skill that everyone needs. It's not just about fearlessly stepping up to the lectern and sharing your insights, it's also important for conversations in small circles too. Verbal and non-verbal communication skills are crucial for success at work because they allow you to express yourself clearly on every level of conversation. Many times people feel anxious before they speak in public not because of themselves but rather their own expectations as well as those around them who will judge what they say and how it's said.

What exactly makes a speech successful? The first step is to understand your audience and what they expect from you. 

It also requires excellent communication skills with eye contact and body language that shows how sincere you are speaking to them, as well as possible. Confidence combined with persuasion during the free-speech can be difficult but it's not impossible! You need work on your presentation skills in order for this process go smoothly; however, it may still turn out fun!

The VR Speech Trainer is the best way to overcome your fear of public speaking. With no consequences on this virtual stage, you can practice key digital workplace skills and be more confident in any situation - at work or not. 

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The Future of Public Speaking in Virtual Reality

Don't let the fear of public speaking ruin your presentations. The VR Speech Trainer is a virtual reality training program that allows you to practice presenting in front of a virtual audience without stress. To do this, you immerse yourself in a simulated world and speak in realistic presentation scenarios in front of your audience. An artificial intelligence controls the reactions of your audience and gives you a real-time feedback on how modulated your voice was and whether or not you use filler words like "um" too often during your speech. The gamified training scenarios turn every virtual presentation into an engaging learning experience. The AI analyses your non-verbal communication based on eye contact with the audience, posture and gestures to provide you with feedback that will help improve the quality of your presentations.


Virtual Reality

Authentic training experiences in realistic virtual scenarios.


Increased engagement and learning transfer through gamified simulations and real-time direct feedback.

Soft Skill Training

Confidence and conviction through scientifically guided presentation training.


Privacy of your data due to the GDPR compliant user and data management platform.


All training activities based on trend analyses and statistics at a glance.

Artificial intelligence 

AI-supported evaluations in real time for measurable learning success.



In most cases your presentation will be limited by a given timeframe. Within these constraints, variance in your speech tempo can make for a livelier presentation. The VR Speech Trainer measures your speech units per minute and aids with staying within the timeframe.


Your speech will be converted to text in real time and included in the report.

Filler Words

Filler words are meaningless words, phrases or sounds that are getting in the way of a smooth, inspirational speech. The VR Speech Trainer identifies words or phrases of this type. In the report all filler words used and their frequency of occurence will be visible.

Eye Contact

Eye contact creates a positive connection with your audience. It can be utilized to capture the audience's attention. Furthermore, the audience can communicate with the speaker via questioning or interested glances. The VR Speech Trainer detects whether you are focused on your audience and signals a potential loss of attention in an organic and intuitive manner.

Viewing Direction

Prolonged glances towards the floor or the ceiling can convey disinterest or insecurity. The VR Speech Trainer uses our tracking technology to monitor your viewing direction and warn you about excessively long glances away from your audience.


A strong voice conveys self confidence and improves clarity of expression. In addition, voice modulation influences your presentation's impact. The VR Speech Trainer visualizes your voice modulation and the comprehensibility of your expression.


Appropriate positioning in space has an impact on the audience's attention. After changing your position, stay in your new position for a while. The VR Speech Trainer provides a heatmap of your positioning and the amount of time spent in each position.

Body Language

Your posture and orientation towards the audience capture the viewers' attention. The VR Speech Trainer determines if and for how long you faced your audience in an optimal manner.

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