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From digital
to virtual

Radically changing the Learning and Training Market with Education Technology

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Innovative Training Formats for the Transfer of Knowledge to Competence.

We combine cutting-edge technologies with creative ideas to create unique learning experiences.

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The Future of Learning is Digital.

In the Digital Transformation, learning is no longer just confined to seminar rooms. We can learn anytime and anywhere with a gamified App called Business Gaming that makes it easy for everyone! In this agile environment the App Business Gaming provides a great way to train yourself digitally from wherever there's an internet connection - without any restrictions, as everything runs seamlessly via mobile devices.

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This is the future of training. It's 3D, immersive and almost photo-realistic!  Imagine how much more effective your courses will be when learners can become fully immersed in virtual worlds, interacting as if it was really happening for real. Allowing them access at anytime anywhere around world enabled by modern technology like Virtual Reality allows learners experience what life might really feel like outside classroom walls.

The next Level of Training


The Power of Speech

In today's hyper-connected world, you need to be able speak confidently and persuasively in order for your voice heard. With our Virtual Speech Trainer on how deal with public speaking no matter what the audience or situation might throw at you - from sales pitches; pitching ideas through presentations of all kinds! We will show how your tone of voice impacts others around you. 

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Virtual Coaching

In the virtual world, the trainee and the coach meet to have various conversations in real everyday situations. These training sessions take them through different scenarios, such as client meetings or staff meetings. In these encounters, the coach provides direct feedback to guide the course of conversation during each encounter.

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